About StreamZilla

The European Streaming Media Provider

With billions delivered professional videos and live streams per year for many professional customers in all European countries, StreamZilla is the market leading pan-European Streaming CDN.

We deliver

Hundreds European, well-known and satisfied broadcasters, enterprises, publishers, streaming providers, content owners, sports clubs, governments, video production companies, web design companies and small businesses chose StreamZilla as their preferred media hosting and distribution partner.

Who we are

StreamZilla is founded by Streaming Media pioneer Stef van der Ziel who produced his first webcast in 1994. We are a professional team of experts with backgrounds in media production, media technologies, senior Content Delivery Network technology developers and internet networking experts.


We are not yet-another-volume-CDN that has to compete on price to buy market share. We are a true premium streaming media provider, offering better performance, higher uptime, integrated support for all popular streaming technologies, premium management features and professional customer support.


We are an open, professional yet informal company. We trust our partners and customers. We offer a completely transparent service: every detail is published online: from technical specifications to rates and terms and from terms & conditions to support levels.

We were the first 100% Green CDN in the industry. We do not work with aggressive sales reps. We respect your privacy, we respect your content. We are open to do business with anyone who shares our values.

Our core values are about being professional, about improving quality, about being innovative, about being honest, about being reliable, and about respect. 

We are proud of what we achieved and we are proud when customers compliment us. We want to enjoy our work and the relationship with our customers.