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StreamZilla is the selected streaming CDN for over 400 professional customers throughout Europe. We host, stream and deliver live radio, live television, mobile video, OTT video, VOD and rich media objects for well-known enterprises, sports clubs, broadcasters, video producers, publishers, content owners and telecom operators, from Scandinavia to Greece, from Eastern Europe to Ireland. 


“Premium service requires premium streaming technique.”

As one of the leading telcos in Belgium, Telenet foresaw a shift to online content consumption. That’s why they were the first to venture into creating a platform for user generated content: A visionary plan for an ambitious telco, because it had to do more than just attract and bind consumers to their network; it had to make money through advertising. Telenet consulted Streamzilla to offer them a content delivery platform that would fit their requirements. 

The first reason Telenet chose Streamzilla was the fact that we support all streaming formats. Secondly, with our Service Level Agreement we were able to meet their demands in terms of guaranteed capacity and support services such as automatic fall-back, and 24/7 monitoring by skilled engineers.

Most importantly, a content delivery network is usually shared by many, with shared storage and delivery resources. Telenet’s objective was to market a premium service, thus requiring their very own private CDN with the best possible capacity and performance. 

Because time to market was essential, we advised against the deployment of an on-net CDN and established a peering agreement between Telenet and our own network instead. This enabled us to build a dedicated streaming platform with dedicated servers, with guaranteed capacity of many Terabytes of storage and many gigabytes per second. All this at low operating costs. So within a few weeks time we provided Telenet with a premium streaming solution, their very own ‘CDN in a box’.

According to Telenet, GarageTV generates more content and more viewers in Belgium than YouTube. Better yet, GarageTV is the world’s first ever profitable online video platform. Unlike YouTube it makes money. All thanks to a successful combination of Streamzilla’s premium technique, low operating costs and good marketing and sales by Telenet. After three years operation without any outages, Telenet renewed the contract for another term, which allowed StreamZilla to completely renew the Telenet private CDN within our CDN with faster hardware, more storage and more bandwidth.

AFC Ajax

“We select only the best players, on the field and beyond”

Ajax is an internationally renowned football club with an impressive track record. Not surprisingly, the club has an extensive fan base that follows its every move. From business sponsors to supporters, they all want to stay informed about Ajax in any which way they can. 

Ajax has many ways to distribute content, but Internet enables them to communicate directly with their fans. In this they recognized a perfect opportunity to establish an additional communication medium outside of the rights managed TV footage: online TV

So Ajax decided to build a custom video platform. Not just a ‘one size fits all’ streaming platform any given vertical video service provider would provide, but a tailor made professional solution with guaranteed, international performance. Preferably against the lowest possible costs. 

So for this reason they went looking for the best parties around, each with proven quality in a certain part of the online video workflow process, and each with the ability to cooperate to meet Ajax’ demands. This resulted in a fruitful cooperation between GX, Blue Billywig and Streamzilla. It only took us a few meetings to come up with a design. After that it was just a matter of setting up a StreamZIlla High Volume account in one day and a matter of integrating the individual systems through the rich set of API's that StreamZilla provides. 

So together we built a single workflow for Ajax in a very short time frame; Streamzilla provided the streaming service, Blue Billywig was responsible for the embedded video player and video CMS, and GX built the website to encapsulate everything. So now every time Ajax shoots a video, it is automatically converted to the right format, uploaded to our CDN and streamed on their portal. 

Although this particular success has many fathers, it is a perfect example of Streamzilla’s premium pure play video CDN solution. Hundreds of customers and value added video services providers integrate their professional workflow on top of the StreamZilla CDN in a similar way.

Hoek & Sonépouse

“Where creativity meets technology”

Hoek&Sonépouse is a leader in the audiovisual and multimedia industry. Their services include everything and anything related to sound and vision: video editing, translating and subtitling, dubbing, audio postproduction and multiple multimedia facilities for DVD, Video-CD and CD-ROM. H&S is the trusted partner for all major global film studios. H&S specialized in developing high-quality solutions for Internet and mobile communications including a digital rights management platform to manage and monetize encrypted content. 

Ample reason for SBS Broadcasting to cooperate with H&S in the establishment of their online entertainment platform: Veamer. With SBS being responsible for the marketing, and H&S for the technology, Veamer is the first OTT initiative in the Netherlands that actually pays off.

This is where Steamzilla comes in, because H&S realized that a premium service like Veamer required a premium streaming delivery network provider. With OTT performance is key; streams have to work at all times: high performance, high availability. Although Streamzilla has a surplus of capacity, H&S required a dedicated platform, fully redundant with dedicated storage, dedicated server resources and dedicated connections to the Internet via premium connections. 

They simply wanted to nullify the risk of other traffic interfering with the capacity they need for their content. So Streamzilla deployed a dedicated platform within the StreamZilla CDN: a CDN in a box, supporting all streaming formats, with sufficient storage for content and dedicated performance.

All the more reason for H&S to use Streamzilla for another one of their services: the distribution of film screeners to theater owners. Before the digital age, film studios used to send film rolls or physical media of their newest productions to theater owners for them to assess. Now, they upload screeners securely onto the H&S network, who on their part make them available to theater owners through streaming. It’s a lot easier and cheaper. 

Film producers can’t afford to have their newest productions pirated before and even after a film enters the theaters. Therefore H&S and StreamZilla have set very high standards to secure ingestion, processing, encryption, hosting and delivery of this content so third parties and employees cannot access the content. Even when a film screener is filmed secretly in a theater and then published, the illegal copy can be traced back to this specific theater preview.

So in both cases our expertise, partnering abilities, security standards and our 100% premium and pure play solutions made Hoek&Sonépouse choose Streamzilla as their streaming provider.

Popcorn TV

"StreamZilla is simply the best"

Telecittà Studios - Delta Pictures is an Italian leader in distribution and production of TV, cinema and home videos. The company recently introduced their OTT service: Popcorn TV. Popcorn TV is a free and premium service: anyone within Italy can see movies, music videos, sports events and other related video material on all kinds of devices and screens. The service offers a large content library which is growing exceptionally. Popcorn TV is an entirely web based service and launches as a full screen experience.

Popcorn TV is not just available on the web, the service will also offered through mobile phones and tablets based on iOS (iPhone, iPod and iPad) and Android (Samsung Galaxy, HTC and others) through apps. The service will also focus on delivery to set-top boxes and connected TVs. The service directly competes head on with regular television. This is the future!

In order to be able to offer a broadcast-like experience, Delta Pictures selected StreamZilla as their streaming CDN. Delta Pictures uses the StreamZilla High Volume service to host and deliver their content. StreamZilla not only outperforms local Italian streaming services, we also outperform global CDNs, thanks to our great connectivity. Delta Pictures also uses our exclusive support service so they are not just guaranteed of broadcast grade availability of our platform, but also are guaranteed of 24*7 professional service.