The Premium Streaming CDN

The StreamZilla USPs, what makes us premium?

1) Pure play streaming CDN

StreamZilla does not offer vertical services like content management, video transcoding, encoding, video production, video portals, video players, ad management, DRM management. We 100% focus on media hosting and delivery. No one else can focus the way we do. Which makes StreamZilla a reliable, trusted partner that does not compete with it's own value added resellers like other CDNs do. We compete on better support, better features and better quality instead.
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2) Video, video, video

In contrary to most CDNs who offer a wide variety of services, StreamZilla purely focusses on professional video and audio delivery: live TV, live radio and VOD streams, media downloads in all popular formats through all popular protocols: HTML5, Mobile, Flash, Silverlight, Smooth Streaming, HTTP adaptive, QuickTime, Windows Media, etcetera. This focus allows StreamZilla to offer the most professional streaming service in the EU market and gives account owners the widest range of media delivery technologies so they can continue to build for 100% reach. 
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3) Experience

With over 16 years of hands-on experience with webcast production and streaming media technologies, the experienced and innovative team behind StreamZilla offers the most in-depth knowledge of streaming media. It's in our DNA. We understand both the technical, infrastructural side, and more importantly the media production and publishing side. Media is our background. We know what it takes to produce a huge mission critical live webcast. 
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4) Professional Customer support

In contrary to most CDNs who offer a US based 1st line call center service with limited availability during EU business hours, StreamZilla offers a variety of EU business hours and 24*7 customer support services, ranging from email support only up to 24*7 direct access to senior CDN engineers and hot standby services during mission critical live events.
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5) Next-gen CDN technology

Most CDNs use regular caching and DNS load balancing technologies. StreamZilla uses more sophisticated technologies. We permanently monitor the popularity of each object and stream. We dynamically load balance the audience over the delivery nodes in a controlled way. And we automatically distribute videos and live streams in a controlled way. Our 100% controlled distribution and load balancing technologies improve our performance and guarantee a higher uptime.
Premium CDN technology

6) You're in control

In contrary to most CDNs who offer basic management interfaces, StreamZilla offers an advanced, yet easy to use integrated self service management interface, that lets account owners manage their content, setup their own live streams, see realtime statistics and view historical reports. Content owners are offered many smart features such as pre-popularity distribution control, logical assets management, live stream setup wizards and many other premium features. Our dashboard saves us and you a lot of support time.
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7) Professional API's

StreamZilla offers a powerful, yet easy to integrate with, set of open standards based API's. These well documented API's let account owners integrate their entire back-office and front-office workflows in less than an hour: video transcoding systems, live encoders, content management systems, portals and clients.
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8) Premium CDN resources

Most CDNs offer a one-size-fits-all shared platform. StreamZilla offers dedicated resources for the most demanding customers as well. With dedicated delivery servers, dedicated storage, dedicated bandwidth, even a dedicated CDN management environment within the CDN, content owners get premium, non-shared services which can be designed and built custom (in a remarkably short timeframe) to fit all their needs.
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9) High Speed European network

Most CDNs distribute via the unreliable Internet using just 3 to 5 PoPs on average. StreamZilla uses a high performance Pan-EU fiber network. The Pan-EU fiber network that powers StreamZilla has 18 PoPs in Europe plus PoPs in the USA. We bypass the majority of the Internet for higher performance and much better reliability. This deeper connectivity into Central, Western, Eastern, Southern and Northern dramatically improves the performance of our streams.
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10) Transparent, fast, competitive

StreamZilla leads the streaming CDN industry by publishing all our rates online, via a convenient online store. We offer low rates and we are not afraid to publish them. The StreamZilla service is often used as a reference for service levels and price comparisons with other CDNs. We offer a wide range of services to fit all your needs. Using our online store, you don't have to call, wait for sales consultants, offers, procedures, RfI's, RfQ's and RfP's. You don't need to negotiate: our prices are already very competitive. Configure, order and stream today. If you do need a personal account manager, we are standby to listen to your requirements and propose the perfect tailor made service.
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11) Yes we go up to eleven

Last but not least: StreamZilla is a fast growing, profitable company without investors or debts. We built our business from scratch and we are a reliable, financially stable and established company with a great reputation. Compare this to global CDNs who lose money on their streaming services, have to buy market share and are forced to offer additional services to survive. Compare this to local streamers who are less stable and who depend on just a few key accounts for their business.
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