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StreamZilla is the only pure play streaming provider. Build your video services on our reliable service.

Pure Play

StreamZilla is all about pure play. We 100% focus on professional video streaming delivery. In the past years we have seen streaming media providers struggle with their business models. So they started to offer additional services, like live webcast production, video player design, video platform services, video management, ad management, digital rights management, website design and regular hosting. They started to compete head on with their own value added resellers.


Ten years ago, we took the risk to only focus on video hosting and streaming services. We outsourced all value added services to partners. This was a great choice. While other streaming operators were changing their focus all the time, they could not really have dedicated people working on streaming services and technologies like we could. With our 100% focus, we could innovate faster, build a smarter infrastructure, develop more advanced CDN technologies, offer better management features, better API’s, improve our performance, professionalize our operation and our enhance customer support.


One of the key factors why partners are important for our customers is that Streamzilla opens up the way for customers to be independent. Whether you only need streaming services or want to add additional services from partners is really up to the customer to decide. In fact: we make it easy to use additional services but we don’t force you to use specific services from us or our partners. We are completely open. Not just that: while with other CDNs you are locked into a complete ecosystem of services, you can choose and change any combination of partners that will fit your needs now and in the future.


StreamZilla has always been in the ideal position that we were able to build a profitable business from scratch, without investors, loans or debts. By focussing on costs and efficiency we are able to maintain our margins and continue investing in new technologies and better services. Our pure play approach is the main reason for our success. No other CDN has our efficiency, focus, and offers a similar premium service.

And the best thing for our partners: we are not forced to move up in the value chain. We are not forced to compete with our own value added resellers. By being 100% focussed on hosting and delivery, we attracted new partners who stopped their own streaming services and outsourced these to us. With the new partners, StreamZilla could grow and invest in innovation, and this uplift continues to strengthen not only our position but also that of our respected partners.

What we do for your customers

We offer the best streaming service in the industry. Period. By using StreamZilla for your customers, these customers get better performance, support for all popular delivery technologies, great management features, the best workflow integration features and the best customer support service. There is a huge difference between the mediocre streaming services from regular bulk CDNs, cloud services, regional streamers and the premium StreamZilla CDN.

What we do for you

First of all, we never ever compete with you on your value added services. We respect your position in the value chain. StreamZilla prefers long term relationships with partners who can strengthen our position and vice versa.

Second, we help partners wherever we can. Our business development people help customers and partners build relationships, start projects and integrate their technologies and services. If it helps you, it helps us.

Third, we look at a win-win situation for us and our partners. Since we focus on streaming services and you can rely on us, you can focus on your own added values, services and products.

We are always open to look for joint opportunties and possibilties which strenghten both companies and offer a range of partner programs which are further described on these pages.