StreamZilla Sponsored Projects

Adobe User Group

The Adobe User Group The Netherlands is a community of over 4500 professional Adobe developers and designers meet and discuss the latest innovations, trends, technologies. The Adobe User Group organizes 6 to 8 meetings per year. Global professionals speak about trending topics such as HTML5 video, Adobe streaming, design, social media et cetera.

StreamZilla actively supports online communities and sponsors the streaming of the recorded sessions of the Adobe User Group meetings and any future webcasts that may occur. 

Volg de Vos

Volg de Vos (Follow the Fox) is an extremely popular webcam service. A large fox hole was built with hidden cameras in the middle of a nature reserve. A male and a female fox immediately adopted it as their breeding home. Although the local bandwidth in the reserve is extremely limited, the organization managed to squeeze out four webcam streams. 

The project was so popular that the organization used up their entire 3 month traffic budget in the first day. TeraBytes and TeraBytes were generated. Because this was a great non-profit project, StreamZilla decided to sponsor all the extra TB's of traffic.

Immovator Cross Media Cafe

Immovator is the organizer of Cross Media Cafe. Every month, a large community of media professionals gathers in the largest media center of Europe: the Hilversum Mediapark (where we once had an office). In a large broadcasting studio, media professional share and discuss new insights.

StreamZilla sponsors the live webcast of the Cross Media Cafe events, because the subjects and the audiences are exactly about what StreamZilla does. We occasionally even help with the program. 

Toppers TV

Usually StreamZilla does not sponsor commercial projects. But for Toppers TV we made an exception. The 5MinutenTV project is a project by senior broadcasting specialists who are now entering the online market. They see that traditional broadcasting has had it's glory days and that the real innovation and the future is online and mobile.

We couldn't agree more. The Toppers are a famous glam pop quartet. Their search for the fifth 'Topper' is not done through traditional broadcasting but is done entirely online. StreamZilla supports this with it's immense CDN.


TED is all about amazing presentations. Whether it is about new science, social, cultural, political or technical insights, TED offers great video presentations.  And TED is branching out! More and more communities are organizing TEDx conferences. StreamZilla is proud to sponsor various TEDx conferences by hosting the popular video presentations.

Fireplace TV

You will be amazed how many people around the world are looking for a Fireplace stream during the winter holidays. StreamZilla once put a fireplace demo stream online and it quickly started to generate a lot of traffic. Instead of pulling it offline, we replaced it with a HD version. Sit back, relax and enjoy.