We want to liberate media. We want the Internet to disrupt traditional broadcasting. Everyone should be able to broadcast their radio, TV and video to anyone. The internet offers this promise, potentially.

When we were producing and pioneering large scale webcasts ourselves, we needed a professional infrastructure, that could support our requirements for video streaming, automation and reporting. We also wanted professional support.

But the CDNs we talked to did not have the deep insight in video delivery as we expected. They are network specialists who actually don't have a clue about what video production and video publishing is all about.

So we started our own platform: StreamZilla. Streaming media is in our DNA. It is our mission to professionalize media hosting and delivery. In our opinion, the web has always been about best effort services. Nice to have, but nowhere near the quality and reliability of traditional broadcasting. 

If we want to revolutionize broadcasting, we have to professionalize the way content is distributed over the Internet. Not just by scaling the capacity, but more importantly making streaming media easy to manage and control.