Screaming fast infrastructure

It's like having your own private lane on the German Autobahn.

Most CDNs deploy their European servers in just one to four locations on average. To keep their costs as low as possible, they 'dump' their traffic from these locations on the Internet through the cheapest peering or transit links. This means that every stream has to travel over the unreliable Internet: they shoot and forget. 

Some more advanced CDNs use private network links between their server nodes to be able to distribute streams and content more reliably between their servers. But that is purely for internal distribution, they still 'dump' the traffic over the fence into the European telecom operators through the cheapest links.

Dedicated core network

The fiber network that powers the StreamZilla CDN has a 1,5Tbps Cisco and Juniper powered backbone. It connects many modern data centers where the StreamZilla CDN delivery servers are strategically placed. This design guarantees high performance of streams and objects between our servers because our traffic is not affected by any surges or spikes on the Web. As a bonus we don't charge you for internal traffic.

Dedicated pipes into Europe

But more importantly, This premium network also has deep European connectivity to over 50 networks including all the main Internet Exchanges and the main ISPs. The network is connected to Internet Exchange PoPs throughout Europe over private, dedicated links. In addition the network has many premium private peers with the leading European Internet access providers. So we bypass the majority of the Web in Europe, which means that StreamZilla traffic to end users gets priority and is much less affected by any other traffic on the public Internet exchanges, carriers, and peering connections. It's like having your own private lane on the German Autobahn that spans the entire European continent. And we are your sports car.

Over 30 Private Peers (over 1Tbps)

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Over 20 Public Peers

Netherlands AMSIX 140Gbps NLIX 10Gbps  
Belgium BNIX 10Gbps FreeBIX 1Gbps  
Luxembourg LUCIX 1Gbps    
France FranceIX 10Gbps    
Spain Espanix 20Gbps    
Italy MIX 10Gbps InterLAN 1Gbps  
Great Britain LINX 50Gbps    
Norway NIX 1Gbps    
Sweden NetNod 20Gbps    
Denmark  DIX 1Gbps    
Germany DECIX 70Gbps ECIX 1Gbps  
Switzerland Swissix 10Gbps    
Austria VIX 1Gbps    
Poland PLIX 1Gbps    
Chechia NIX 1 Gbps    
Hungary BIX 1Gbps    
Washington Eqix 10Gbps    
New York NYIIX 1Gbps    
Seattle SIX 1Gbps    

Deeper EU penetration, optimized routing

Using these private links as the preferred method of delivering content to these +50 PoPs, StreamZilla can manage the performance of streams better than other CDNs can do. Our approach may not be the cheapest way, but it is a much more reliable way. We don't believe in best effort.

Thanks to these dedicated pipes with deep European penetration and great local connectivity, StreamZilla can better guarantee the performance of streams, not just in Western Europe, but also in Scandinavia, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Europe, even East Coast USA. All StreamZilla customers benefit from this network, whether they have a €200 euro / month account or use the ultimate premium CDN in a Box service.

Network specs

  • 99.999 % Actual Network Core Uptime
  • Redundant Core Routing | Cisco CRS-1 & Juniper MX-960 3D
  • Multiple 10GigE transit and peering uplinks
  • Full IPv6 support with native connectivity

StreamZilla Network Europe