Our success

Always profitable

StreamZilla started as the first professional streaming media provider in the Netherlands in 2004, without any investors, loans or debts. The service quickly became popular and was profitable in the first year and has always been profitable and fast growing since then.

Fast growth

In the years after, StreamZilla grew over 75%-100% every year, in traffic and in turnaround. When we translated the StreamZilla website into several European languages and when we started to offer services via e-commerce, this growth accelerated. StreamZilla entered the Deloitte Fast 500 (fastest growing technology companies in the EMEA region) twice.


Most regional and global CDNs just have a few key accounts which is a liability. StreamZilla’s top 10 customers generate less than 1/3 of our revenue, which means that we are much less affected in the case a key customer stops or switches.

Low churn

Not that our customers switch, au contrary. Most customers who signed up in 2004, are still using StreamZilla as their preferred and only Streaming CDN. We see new customers migrate to us, away from their existing CDNs but our own churn is very low.

The only pan-EU streaming provider

StreamZilla is the only true pan-EU streaming CDN. Most regional streamers who claim to have a European focus actually stream less than 5% of their traffic outside their own territory. StreamZilla streams over 70% of it’s traffic outside the BeNeLux. Global CDNs primarily have US based customers who have terminating content in Europe, but they hardly have European customers. Why use a global CDN for regional delivery?

Global CDNs are loss leaders

Most global CDNs are still investing more money in their streaming services than that they are making from these services. We call them loss-leaders who have to sell below their cost price to buy market share. That does not bring them loyal long-term customers nor are they a long term reliable partner: what if their investors pull the plug or sell or merge this company?

Focus on succes

Regional and global CDNs feel forced to change their strategy and have to offer value added services to make any money. Which makes them a competitor of their own value added resellers. StreamZilla does not need to. We are a profitable company, with our own funds. We have proven that our model does works, and by sticking to our focus and by investing in our service, we are the long-term reliable partner for many value added service providers.

Financially solid

While most other streaming providers were and are still struggling with their costs and margins, StreamZilla managed to drive costs down and revenues up, thanks to a smart combination of knowledge, infrastructure, intelligent technology and a lean and mean organization. StreamZilla even managed to introduce higher rates for premium services while most of the other streaming providers were fighting purely on price for commodity bulk streaming services.

During the 2009-2011 financial crisis, like anyone, StreamZilla saw a dip in growth, but was still growing over 25% while other streaming service providers saw zero growth, were confronted with over 25% decline in business. Some even went out of business. Our low-barrier entry service and our premium services helped us achieve these better results.

We are still 100% privately owned, without any investors, which means that customers, partners and staff and quality are our focus.

Future growth

With the rise of mobile content services and OTT video services, StreamZilla expects accelerated growth for the next years. Content is being offered in higher qualities, online video consumption is exploding and the number of new content owners entering the industry is large. StreamZilla is ready for the future!