Premium CDN Technology

No compromises on performance, features or services. We deliver.

From best effort to premium delivery

Back in the nineties, when the first global content delivery networks emerged, their focus was on offloading static content on the Internet. By deploying regional points of presence, these global CDNs could offload traffic from the small and filled up transit links on the web.

Global CDNs use the internet to distribute content to their regional hubs, and then ‘dump’ their traffic into internet service provider (ISP) networks. Which was a great approach for many years: costs went down, performance went up.

But there is a problem with this model. It doesn’t fit todays needs anymore. Consumers want the best of both worlds: open access to content via the Internet, but with the same quality of service that they get from cable or IPTV. Until now, consumers have accepted internet powered content to be of inferior quality on their PC’s and laptops: low grade video, and the occasional hick-up.

Not anymore. Over The Top (OTT) content is the next big thing in our industry. Consumers buy Internet powered set top boxes, TV’s, tablets and mobile phones with HD quality screens. These consumers demand HD-grade video, with zero buffering and hundred percent quality.

Superior network

We don't just bypass the unreliable Internet for internal communication. We even bypass large parts of the Internet for high performance delivery to end users. Our network explained.

True streaming

We don't just offer one or two streaming technologies or proprietary semi-streaming solutions: we support the real deal: all popular streaming technologies, from mobile RTSP streaming to Flash RTMP and Windows Media streaming, from Apple HTTP adaptive streaming to Microsoft Smooth Streaming, from Icecasting to intelligent progressive downloads. Our streaming services.

Advanced CDN technologies

We don't just use basic DNS and caching systems. We call that outdated poor men's CDN technologies. We use next-generation, advanced CDN technologies instead. We innovate. Our in-house developed technologies are built for 100% control, 100% management and 100% quality, to fit todays and tomorrows high standards for digital media delivery. Our CDN technology explained.

Highest performance

StreamZilla is awarded the Triple A+ performance status: the highest possible ranking in our industry. We can deliver HD grade video throughout the entire European continent and beyond, in all popular formats. Performance charts.


Modern streaming CDNs are not just about delivery technologies. It's more and more about manageability, workflow integration features and smart API's. Our CDN dashboard integrates live and vod streaming for all popular formats in a beautiful way and lets you integrate your entire digital workflow in a few easy steps. Features list.

Efficiency: the green CDN

Instead of compromising on features, technologies, performance or service, we prefer to lower our and your costs through efficiency. We have densified our CDN, we have smarter CDN technologies and our technology lets you do everything yourself. This approach dramatically lowers our operational costs, which means that you can get a premium service for a very competitive price. As a bonus, our environmental footprint is much lower. Our efficiency efforts.