Why  StreamZilla

Streaming is in our DNA

Hundreds of broadcasters, publishers, sport clubs, studios, advertising agencies, video producers and brands
chose StreamZilla as the preferred CDN for their professional media streaming services.

StreamZilla pioneered live streaming in 1994.
We are the only CDN specialized in media delivery: radio, VOD, webcasts, media objects, linear channels and OTT.

Whether you want to stream to smart TVs, smart phones, set top boxes, tablets, computers or cinemas:
we deliver in any format to any client.

Broadcast grade

Stream in pristine High Definition content in Apple HLS, Microsoft Smooth, MPEG DASH, Adobe Flash and many more formats.

Outperform your competitors: we bypass the regular Internet so your streams are much less affected by traffic jams.

Our unique Dynamic Content Replication and Active Request Routing technologies improve uptime and performance.

Upgrade your streams from best effort delivery to broadcast grade.

Special effects

Simplify your process: realtime transmuxing from one source to all popular formats.

Automatically parse and group segmented and multi-bitrate content into logical objects.

You will love the way we enable you to distribute, flush, lock and geo block individual objects and streams.

Of course you get professional realtime statistics and historical reports.

Your streams on steroids.

Media workflow

Lower your operational costs by fully automating your media workflow.

Get access to the most advanced workflow integration tools in our industry.

Manage third party service providers and integrate encoders and transcoders.

Integrate with portals. Setup encoders, remote origins and live channels.

All instantly via our powerful APIs and web based dashboard.

Professional support

Rely on streaming media pioneers with over 20 years experience.

Our experts help you with migrating and setting up your VOD and live streams.

We help you with setting up encoders and with embedding content in portals.

We will guide you through all the advanced features that our CDN offers.

You always directly talk to a senior streaming expert and yes we speak our languages.

Try us now for free!

Sign up with StreamZilla and stream for free for one full month.

No strings attached. We throw in 1GB storage and 1TB traffic to get you started.

We will personally walk you through our full-featured web dashboard.

We will help you with setting up your live streams, video on demand streams, encoding and publishing.

If you are currently using another CDN, we will help you migrate your content as well and we will waive the setup fee if you decide to continue with a Professional or High Volume account.

Now that’s an offer you can’t refuse. All we ask is to bring your own popcorn.

You are not committing to purchase. Extra traffic will be charged. StreamZilla reserves the right to deny access to our services at any time.

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Our Free Trial service is an account on our Live CDN platform which you can use for one month. Our Free Trial service includes 1GB storage and 1TB traffic.

Usage restrictions
Our Free Trial service is intended for evaluation purposes. We have automated monitoring tools that will alert us if accounts are abused. Excessive use will be charged on your account at the indicated rates. If you want to use our service commercially, choose from the wide variety of commercial accounts right here in our online store. Abuse may result in blocking your account and in charges for usage. If you produce a public or commercial webcast, StreamZilla reserves the right to charge you for this.





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Our network is getting bigger, better and stronger,
as more CDN’s are joining our Multi CDN concept.
StreamZilla + Highwinds + Level3 + Amazon + LeaseWeb. Click here for more information.

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